What I can do for you. Seriously.

Web Design and Development

Design: The design of your WordPress [or other platform] website can vary from a minimalistic approach with maximum emphasis on the bare essentials of design and a ‘less is more’ technique—to big ‘n bold, in-your-face design that adds excitement by putting to use different layouts, vibrant colors, and varying font sizes.

Besides minimalism or bold methods of design, there are a multitude of other design styles that can be emulated. That being said, anything is possible when it comes to design! You deserve a design that is uniquely YOU.

Branding: To some, branding is selling a product, to others it is selling an experience. Did you know that the most successful businesses sell an experience—all the while promoting their product or service? Making your product or service an experience can, and does, effect your bottom line.

Through the use of custom graphics and content (see below) you can give your brand a much-needed boost. Connect with your clients or customers by giving them a sincere, unique experience—not an impersonal “product” that induces little loyalty to you and your business. Let me help you show them you really do care.

Content: The way you present yourself through the words on your website can either alienate or inspire. Which would you choose? You want your words to bring your product or service to life—to truly connect with your ideal client or customer on a level that they can relate to and feel comfortable with. I can rewrite, reword, and add brand-related touches to your message to help take your content to a new level…and you’ll have no embarrassing typos either! :)

To complement Design, Branding, and Content services, I can incorporate these elements into your company newsletter, eBook(s), manuals, forms, podcast editing, and other digital media (to name a few).

Office Administrative

First Impressions: One of the first things on your list for administrative support should be how you present yourself to the world. One example: Is that eBook cover design and content awesome or ho-hum? You need to rock your first impressions!

There, their, they’re: More specifically, the written words you use on your website and all other digital mediums (eBooks, blog posts, correspondence, emails, newsletters, forms, etc.). If you have poorly written copy with typos, incorrectly spelled words, incorrect use of words, and grammatical errors, you’re just not putting your best foot forward. I can help.

Cleaned and polished: I can polish up your content, fix those typos and misuse of words, and give you a savvy, professional face to present to your clients and customers.

Copy editing (rewriting your content) and proofreading are just part of what I enjoy doing. Please visit my Administrative support page for a comprehensive list to give you an idea of tasks I can do to help you.